Can Modbox Developments help us get planning permission?

Modbox Developments are a company that specialises in all aspects of design & construction, and all related services. They offer assistance with various aspects of the construction process, including helping you navigate the planning permission process.

Getting planning permission typically involves applying to the local planning authority that outlines your proposed construction project and its impact on the local area. This process can be complex and requires adherence to local regulations and guidelines.

Modbox Developments offer services to help clients with the planning permission process. This include preparing and submitting planning applications, providing design and documentation that aligns with local regulations, and assisting with any required consultations with local authorities or communities.

If you’re considering working with us or any other company to help you obtain planning permission, We recommend reaching out to them directly to inquire about the specific services they offer in relation to planning permission. It’s important to clarify what their role would be in the process and how they can assist you in ensuring that your project complies with local regulations and receives the necessary approvals. Additionally, you might want to inquire about their track record and experience in successfully obtaining planning permission for similar projects.

Finally, securing a planning permission and all the related design aspects obviously carries a cost element. It is important to establish what each company charges and importantly establish what value that will deliver to your project.