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Luxury Holiday Home Builders in Cornwall

Wondering where to start with building your dream holiday home in Cornwall?

Holiday home Builders in Cornwall can be difficult to find. Especially ones with local knowledge of the area. You need to make sure you find the correct partner.

Do you have a vision of how you’d like to spend your holidays in Cornwall? Whether it’s a countryside bolthole, a coastal retreat, or a second home near family and friends, building your holiday home can be an exciting project. However, it’s crucial to consider the entire development process and the importance of selecting the best new home builders in Cornwall.

Do you have architectural plans for your new holiday home but are unsure about how to manage the process or select new home builders? Building a new home can be a daunting process, but careful research and consideration can turn the self-build journey from one of trepidation to one of excitement and anticipation.

Feeling unsure?

Do You Need Luxury Holiday Home Builders in Cornwall to Support Your Project?

Project Management

Have you considered how to manage the entire build process, not just selecting a building contractor?

Architect Selection

Have you thought about choosing the right architect and ensuring they work seamlessly with the builder?

Utility Services

Are you aware that many Cornwall builders don’t cover setting up essential services like gas, electricity, and oil?

Financial Planning

Have you created a comprehensive plan for managing your build budget, including allocating a reasonable contingency?

Onsite Preparation

To avoid issues onsite, meticulous planning is crucial before construction begins, including insurance and latent defect policies.

Prefer Someone to Manage Your Entire Holiday Home Build Process?

At ModBox Developments, we are luxury holiday home builders in Cornwall who oversee every aspect of your project, from concept to completion. You only need to appoint us, and we’ll handle the rest. We operate in Rock, Polzeath, Morgan Porth, and the surrounding areas of North Cornwall. With decades of experience in procurement and planning permissions, we make sure your dream holiday home becomes a reality.

5 Steps to Completing
Your Luxury Holiday Home


Our thorough consultation process helps us understand your vision and project requirements. We ensure your vision is considered in every aspect of building your dream holiday home.

Concept Design

Our skilled designers create modern designs to bring your vision to life, making the best use of available space.


We handle everything from cleaning to council tax evaluation, ensuring your holiday home is move-in ready.

Procurement & Planning

We have extensive experience in procurement and the planning permission process, ensuring a smooth journey for your project.

The Build

We manage all aspects of the build, from the structure to fittings, drainage, and external works, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Focused on Every Detail

As luxury holiday home builders in Cornwall, our passion is delivering high-end holiday homes that match your vision in every detail. We focus on your specific requirements, creating contemporary homes tailored to your taste. We only take on a limited number of projects to maintain our attention to detail, ensuring you receive outstanding results for your luxury holiday home in Cornwall.

Building Your Holiday Home: Considerations for Success

Are you wondering whether to create a holiday home primarily for your own use or as a furnished holiday let (FHL) to generate income? This important decision affects various aspects of your project and its financial implications.

VAT Implications

If you’re self-building a holiday home for personal use, you can reclaim VAT on many building materials. However, if it’s intended for letting most of the year, VAT recovery may not be possible, which can impact your project’s costs.

Tax Benefits

FHLs offer tax benefits, including the ability to write off expenses such as agency fees, utility bills, and even capital allowances for items like heating systems and furnishings.

Occupancy Requirements

To qualify as an FHL, your property must meet specific occupancy criteria, such as being available for let for 210 days and let for 105 days a year.

Design Considerations

Depending on your target market, you may need to tailor your holiday home’s design and amenities. Factors like layout, luxury features, and smart technology should align with your guests’ expectations.

Marketing and Management

Marketing and managing a holiday let can be complex. Working with agencies like Unique Home Stays can simplify the process, helping you reach a broader audience and ensure a smooth experience for guests.

Building a luxury holiday home in Cornwall is an exciting endeavour, whether it’s for personal use or as a thriving furnished holiday let. Careful planning and choosing the right builders can make all the difference in creating a successful holiday home that fulfils your dreams.

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