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Are you a High Net Worth, sophisticated investor searching for lucrative opportunities in the realm of land and property development investment?

Welcome to ModBox Developments, where we specialise in prestigious holiday homes and bespoke residential developments in the picturesque region of Rock and Polzeath in North Cornwall. We offer you an exclusive gateway to high-end, private property development opportunities.

Who We Are: ModBox Developments

The ModBox Developments Group of companies is a reputable player in the property development arena. With a primary focus on North Cornwall, particularly in the sought-after areas of Rock and Polzeath, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Our passion lies in crafting exceptional holiday homes and bespoke residential developments, offering investors the chance to become a part of this exciting journey.


Equity Investment: Your Path to High-Value Returns

As a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor, you understand the power of strategic investment. ModBox Developments are thrilled to present you with a unique opportunity to participate in our development ventures. We collaborate with a select group of like-minded investors who can provide land purchase capital and/or construction funding. In return, we offer:

Good Rate of Loan Interest

We value your investment and offer an attractive loan interest rate, ensuring that your capital works for you.

Equity Mix

Investors have the option to receive equity in the development, opening doors to a share in the profits as the project unfolds.

Premium Locations

Our investments are situated in high-end, value-driven locations in North Cornwall. These carefully selected sites promise excellent potential for long-term gains.

Selective Approach

At ModBox Developments, we meticulously evaluate and select development-specific investment opportunities, ensuring that each project meets our rigorous standards.

If you’re excited about the prospect of becoming a part of our exclusive group of investors and exploring the potential for high-value returns, we encourage you to contact us today. Our team is eager to discuss our current and upcoming development opportunities with you.

navigating the complexities of property investment

The ModBox Developments investment process is a meticulous journey, driven by the need for careful planning and strategic decision-making. We understand the challenges and uncertainties you might face during this journey. Here’s how we address those concerns, step by step:

Initial Consultation & Feasibility Study

Are you uncertain about the market demand for your development? We begin with a thorough market research study to identify opportunities and demand, ensuring you make informed decisions. ModBox Developments search for suitable properties or land parcels that align with the project goals.

Acquisition & Due Diligence

How do you ensure the investment aligns with your goals and expectations? We engage in transparent discussions and rigorous due diligence, providing you with confidence in your investment choice. Once all involved are comfortable with their own due diligence, ModBox will start the legal process for the Share Holders Agreement.

Property Purchase

Unsure about identifying the right site and the legal process? Once a suitable site is identified, developers negotiate and acquire the property. ModBox will start the legal process for the acquisition of the land. Comprehensive due diligence is conducted to assess the site's legal, environmental, and zoning aspects.

Project Planning & Design

What about the project's design and vision? We collaborate with architects and designers, emphasising design excellence. Our collective goal is to work with companies that designs & builds prestigious properties, in and around Polzeath

Budgeting & Financing

Unsure about how to secure the right financing for your project? We work diligently to determine your project's budget and secure suitable financing options tailored to your needs.

Permitting & Approvals

Navigating regulatory hurdles is overwhelming. We handle the permit and approval process, ensuring compliance with regulations and alleviating your worries.

Construction & Project Management

Worried about keeping your project on track and within budget? Our experienced team manages construction, timelines, and budgets while maintaining high-quality standards.

Marketing & Sales

Attracting buyers, tenants, or investors can be challenging. We develop a tailored marketing strategy and execute sales and leasing efforts, filling the property upon completion.

Return on Investment (ROI) & Exit Strategy

Uncertain about how to optimize returns or when to exit the investment? We monitor financial performance, optimize returns based on your goals, and guide you through exit strategies.

Project Completion

How do you ensure the project meets all standards and regulations? We conduct final inspections and quality assurance before handover.

Property Management

Managing the property can be challenging for investors. We handle property management, including maintenance and tenant relations.

Post-Project Evaluation

How do you ensure your future projects improve based on past experiences? We reflect on successes and shortcomings, value feedback, and make necessary enhancements for future projects.

Reinvestment or Portfolio Expansion

Unsure about reinvesting profits or expanding your portfolio? We support reinvestment and portfolio growth strategies to help you achieve your investment goals.

Throughout this journey, we understand that challenges like market fluctuations, regulatory changes, and unforeseen construction issues may arise. As a successful property development company, we leverage our expertise, industry knowledge, and a network of professionals to address these concerns, providing you with peace of mind and the confidence to achieve your investment goals.

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Your journey into the world of development land investments, property development investments, and property investment opportunities starts with ModBox Developments. Whether you’re interested in equity investment or rental property ventures, we offer a range of options tailored to High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors.

For more information or to begin a dialogue about your investment objectives, contact us today. ModBox Developments are eager to help you embark on a path to lucrative and fulfilling investments in the heart of North Cornwall.

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