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Property Development Joint Venture Partners: Maximising the Value from your Land

Looking to maximise on the potential from your land?

Are you a landowner looking for Cornwall based property development joint venture partners? It may be that you’re wondering how you can harness the value of your land and turn it into a successful residential development or holiday park? If you own a plot of land, or your garden is large enough to accommodate a new property, you could consider developing the land you already own.

We work with clients in Rock, Polzeath, Mawgan Porth and surrounding areas of North Cornwall. Starting with a blank sheet of paper we can help analyse your site, consider the best approach to delivering maximum yield, and devise the most appropriate site lay-out and specification to suit the end-purchaser. We employ ‘end first’ thinking in order to ensure that the most appropriate market is targeted and, from the first stages of activity, the development sets off on the right foot.

Navigating Uncertainty

What Aspects Do Planners Consider?

Many landowners are unsure where to begin when it comes to turning their ideas into reality, especially when starting the search for property development joint venture partners. The development process can easily seem overwhelming, from site analysis to securing Planning consent and that’s before considering what the cost of surveys and professionals might become.

When seeking Planning consent on a piece of land you own, the local authority Planning department takes into account various factors, including, but not limited to:

Privacy & Overlooking

Planners assess how your proposed development might impact the privacy and overlooking of neighbouring properties.

Loss of Light

Consideration is given to any potential loss of light that may result from the new development.

Parking & Traffic

Planners evaluate parking allocation and potential traffic-related issues, including road safety and the increase in traffic and noise.

Heritage & Conservation

Any impacts on listed buildings and conservation areas are carefully examined.

Layout & Density

The proposed building layout and density are assessed to ensure they align with the local context, Cornwall Local Plan and any Neighbourhood Development Plans which are in place.

Design & Materials

Planners scrutinise the design and materials being used to ensure they fit with the local Cornish vernacular common to the immediate area.

Nature Conservation

Planners consider the potential impact on nature and, for developments of any scale, require a 10% biodiversity net gain which is based on ecological metrics. This requires care to ensure space for a profitable scheme.

Modbox Developments as your property development joint venture partners

ModBox Developments assist with all aspects of the financial analysis and funding of the project and, if required, can navigate the path through to a successful Planning consent. Via their expertise in Planning, conducting site analysis, providing design solutions, facilitating community engagement, representing your interests in Planning committees, before overseeing all pre-start preparation work, the development can be made a reality. Partnering with ModBox Developments streamlines the process and increases the likelihood of a successful construction phase to your project. All this is to simply reach day one on site…

Is Profitable Land Development Achievable for Landowners without Property Development Experience via Joint Venture Partners?

Land development can indeed be profitable, especially when considering key factors and objectives from the outset, particularly when partnering with a specialist company. Here’s how the profitability of land development ties in with this partnership approach:


Collaborating with property development joint venture partners brings valuable expertise to your project, enhancing its overall potential. Partners can provide insights, resources, and experience that can optimise your land development venture.

Planning Permission

You will most likely seek guidance from a company with a solid track record in securing planning permissions. This can significantly boost the value of your land, making it more attractive for development or sale.

Intended Use and

Whether you have plans or ideas to rent your development or sell it, you need expert guidance to help make informed decisions to maximise profitability.


Efficient cost management is crucial for profitability. Property development joint venture partners can contribute their financial expertise to ensure that expenses are kept in check. You need experience to manage construction workers through the building process and keep a lid on costs!


Land development carries risks. Collaborating with experienced partners helps mitigate potential challenges and risks, increasing the likelihood of a successful and profitable venture.

In summary, partnering with property development partners Like ModBox Developments underpins the profitability of land development by providing expertise, resources, risk mitigation, and strategic planning. By considering these factors and leveraging through partnership, you can achieve profitable outcomes in land development projects.

Shaping your project

We understand that shaping your project as property development joint venture partners is a collaborative effort that should yield benefit for all parties involved. Here’s how we work together to create a project that both aligns with your goals whilst ensuring a positive financial outcome for both you and us:

Win-Win Arrangements

Our approach is based on creating win-win arrangements. We carefully consider both your interests and ours, aiming to strike a fair balance that leads to a mutually advantageous project.

Planning Phase

If your site has yet to secure Planning permission, we typically explore the possibility of drafting an 'option' agreement. This agreement is contingent upon obtaining Planning consent. Once secured, we proceed to establish an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) company. This SPV serves as the vehicle through which we drive the development project forward.

Securing Financing

As part of the process, we leverage our expertise to bring in the necessary build finance. This financial support ensures that your project has adequate resources required for successful development.

Expert Project Management

We offer project management expertise to oversee and coordinate all aspects of the development. This includes everything from construction to logistics, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process when working as property development joint venture partners.

By adopting this collaborative and strategic approach, we aim to shape your land development project into a success story that benefits both parties. With clear starting assumptions set out, your goals are our goals, and together we can bring your vision to fruition.

Utilising Our Expertise as Property Development Joint Venture Partners

Joint venture partnerships in property development makes for a strategic choice, especially when you already own land but face challenges in securing build finance, often due to a lack of direct experience in construction. This is precisely where our highly experienced team at ModBox Developments can step in and make the difference.

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Here's how our expertise can benefit you

Solid Industry Standing

Our team boasts an established reputation and strong relationships with development lenders. Our industry standing allows us to open doors that might otherwise remain closed, ensuring that your project secures the necessary financing to succeed.

Effective Project Management

Managing a multi-unit development project can be a complex and challenging endeavour. However, with our experienced team at the helm, together we can navigate this process with confidence. We bring our extensive project management skills to the table, ensuring that every aspect of the development is expertly handled.

Whether you have a small patch of land or a more extensive plot, we are eager to explore potential joint venture opportunities with you. We believe that a collaborative approach can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes, and we welcome joint venture partnerships from a diverse range of parties, including:

Land Owners

Private Investors

Housing Associations

Local Authorities




Our team boasts an established reputation and strong relationships with development lenders. Our industry standing allows us to open doors that might otherwise remain closed, ensuring that your project secures the necessary financing to succeed.