Will Modbox Developments no longer be present upon the completion of my new house construction without any resolution of existing issues or snags?

Typically, when a construction project is completed, the responsibility for fixing any snags or addressing issues would fall either on the builder or the warranty provided by the builder. It’s common for builders to offer a warranty period during which they are obligated to address any structural or construction-related issues that arise.

If you have a contract or agreement with Modbox Developments, it’s essential to review it carefully to understand their obligations and the warranty provisions. This will help determine the extent of their responsibility for any snags or issues that may arise after completion.
Additionally, it’s always a good practice to maintain open and clear communication with your builder or contractor throughout the construction process and even after completion. This way, any concerns or snags can be addressed promptly and efficiently.
Remember, the specifics of your situation may vary depending on your location, contract terms, and local regulations. It’s always best to consult with professionals or legal experts who can provide advice specific to your circumstances.

Modbox Developments always take their responsibilities to the client seriously and will honour their responsibilities for fixing any snags or addressing any build related issues. We’d be happy to introduce you to a few of our previous clients, who even though they may have encountered a few snags upon completion, were helped to resolve every one to their full satisfaction.