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Sell land for development in Cornwall

Looking at selling land to a developer?

Are you a landowner owner looking to sell land for development in Cornwall, particularly in the stunning North Cornwall areas in and around Rock, Polzeath and Mawgan Porth?

Are you considering selling land for development and seeking a reputable purchaser to help you realise the value from your land? You may be wondering about where you would even start but there are trusted companies that can help you with this process.

When you have a piece of land that holds potential, you might find yourself at a crossroads, wondering how to unlock its true value. We understand selling land for development can be a complex and daunting process, and you would likely have a lot of questions:

How do I sell land for development?

When you look to sell land for development, it is not just about posting a “For Sale” sign and hoping for the best. It involves a strategic and well-thought-out process that requires expertise, local knowledge, and a deep understanding of the market.

There are three primary ways to sell land for development: without planning permission, “subject to planning,” and with planning permission.

Selling without Planning Permission

This is the simplest method. You can sell land for development without any additional steps. However, it may reduce the land’s value and the number of offers on the table because potential buyers may feel uncertain about obtaining Planning permission for future development.

Selling "Subject to Planning"

In this approach, you engage with a potential buyer, but the final sale depends on them first securing Planning permission. This provides a safety net for the buyer, as they can back out if they don’t obtain the necessary permission helping you to realise a better end sale value.

Selling with Planning Permission

This is the most appealing option for buyers, as it confirms that the land has permission for property development. The easiest type of permission to obtain is outline permission, which approves the principle of development but leaves specific details for the future.

It’s essential to prove your ownership of the land through legal documentation. If your land is unregistered, meaning it’s not officially recorded with HM Land Registry for England and Wales, proving ownership can be more complex. However, it is still possible by producing title deeds as evidence. While this may require some time and effort, there are options available to obtain these necessary documents for the sale process to be able to progress.

What do property developers look for when buying land for development?

When you sell land for development, land purchasers are looking for sites that hold promise. They seek land that is ideally suited for the purpose they have in mind, be it private home development, holiday home development, or even a grand holiday resort development.

Several factors can influence the value of your land, regardless of whether it has planning permission

These factors collectively influence the perceived value of your land:


The location of your land plays a crucial role. Desirable areas for property development can command higher prices, while remote or less attractive locations may result in lower sale prices. You will know your own area and be able to gauge this from the amount of development going on and from general property prices and desirability.

Nearby Service Connections

Plots with excellent access to essential utilities like water, electricity and sewer lines are more appealing to developers.

Transportation Access

Good proximity to transportation options, such as main roads, bus or train routes are important. Developers consider geographic connectivity when assessing land, and better transportation links can lead to a higher sale price.

Local Services and Amenities

Beyond transportation, buyers also evaluate nearby services and amenities. If your land is in an area with excellent shopping, attractions, schools, and other facilities, it can attract a higher sale price.

ModBox Developments: Luxury Home Builders Cornwall

Are you searching for a reputable purchaser from the property development market who values transparency, communication and excellence?

We collaborate with investors and partners to acquire land and transform it into a comprehensive development strategy, where we oversee the entire process ensuring your sale legacy to the area is a positive one.

At ModBox Developments, we prioritise transparent, open communication and excellence in every land purchase. With our extensive experience in North Cornwall’s property development market, you can rely on us to provide the expertise and guidance you need to sell land successfully for development. In all transactions we encourage your own research and taking guidance independently at the key junctures.

Sell Land for Development in Cornwall

If you own land in Cornwall which is ideal for private home development, you may be eager to look at the potential sale value. ModBox Developments specialise in developing luxury private homes in North Cornwall. We have the knowledge to offer fair and experienced advice, making us the perfect potential purchaser when looking to sell land for development. If your land should not be for us, we are more than happy to make suggestions as to how you can attract an alternative buyer.

Expert Guidance

Are you concerned about navigating the complexities of your land sale alone and are unsure of the right steps to take?

We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements, offering expert advice to help you achieve your goals whilst ensuring that you take the necessary independent advice at the important junctures; thinking from your point of view.

Land Value

Are you uncertain about the true value of your land and the factors influencing its price?

We are committed to engaging in a comprehensive discussion on all the relevant price determinants, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your land’s worth.

Clear Schedules & Timely Delivery

Are you worried about potential delays when selling your land for private home development?

Rest assured, we discuss likely timelines and manage the process accordingly, including the relevant professionals and legal process. Our process for purchasing your land is designed to be clear and efficient for the benefit of all parties.

Looking to sell land for development in Cornwall?

While we are open to considering land from all areas of the Cornwall, our primary focus is on North Cornwall, particularly for sites within or near known ‘honey-pot’ holiday locations. Our deep-rooted knowledge of North Cornwall, particularly in Rock, Polzeath, and Mawgan Porth, helps give us the edge in identifying the best opportunities for development.

We welcome various land opportunities, including:

  • Urban, rural, or coastal locations
  • Sites with residential or holiday permissions
  • Green or brownfield sites
  • Sites with or without Planning permission
  • Commercial premises, holiday parks, or hotels suitable for redevelopment
  • Medium and long-term strategic land opportunities, including phased development projects

*Agents or introducers are welcome and rewarded.

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Are you ready to move towards selling land for development in North Cornwall? Whether you’re considering selling your land for private home development, holiday home development, or a grand holiday resort, ModBox Developments is the perfect potential purchaser.

For more information or to arrange a consultation, contact us today. Your journey to realising the full potential of your land in North Cornwall starts here.

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